Show Horses

Cherrydale CasseopiaThere is nothing like the thrill of hearing your horse’s name announced as the winner of a competitive and exciting class at a show full of quality horses. For a breeder, hearing your prefix immediately after “And the winner is…” is especially rewarding.

Our Cherrydale Morgans are carefully planned, raised and then sent outside for formal training when they are ready. For over two decades, Cherrydale Morgans have been trained and presented by Kathleen Peeples at Waterford Farm in Butzville, New Jersey. This very fruitful relationship has provided us with many World and Grand National Championships, as well as Regional Champions. Kathy and her staff are more than just our trainers, they are friends and a significant part of our Morgan family.

If you have an interest in one of our show horses or prospects, please contact Kathy by eMail or visit the Waterford website for more information.