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Robin & Neil Herrick:
A love story about dogs, horses and family

Robin & Neil Herrick

Robin and Neil in Oklahoma City in 2009, after Cherrydale Casseopia was honored as the World Champion Mare

Let me just tell you our story… some of it you may already know. Neil and I met in college, I was 20, he was 22. We were both on the pre-med path and although we dated in college, we were focused on our studies in medical school, but were still great friends. Our senior year of medical school in Philadelphia (1986-1987), we decided we were destined to be together and started dating again. We became engaged during our internship year.

Residency took us to Pittsburgh where Neil trained and became board certified in family medicine and I in Anesthesiology. Throughout that journey, he was a great source of strength and support for me. He really was a family physician at heart and touched young and old alike. He gave freely of his time—as much as anyone needed—no matter how far behind he got in his office hours. His profession, passion, hobby and love was medicine. He also loved to teach, whether it was public lectures or medical students, he just wanted to make a difference. He was instrumental in influencing several young people to pursue medicine. He also had a very special gift with counseling and comforting patients and families with death and dying, a topic that makes most physicians quiver.

Neil the Dog Lover

Neil the Dog Lover and his Helen, Multiple Multiple Group CH Coventry Helen of Troy

After 15 years of family medicine practice, he decided to go back to his first love, which was emergency medicine. Consequently, the hospital could no longer post which physician was on duty in the ER because Neil’s previous patients would stop in to see if he could see them in the ER! As well as being an ER physician, he was Medical Director of the Dean Ornish Program for Reversal of Heart Disease. This enabled him continuity of care with patients once again and gave him an opportunity to teach. It was so successful, he met and guided a gentleman from Northern England (New Castle) who came to see Neil in consultation in New Castle, Pennsylvania, as well as Neil (and I) making several trips to England for Neil to consult in the care of his father. As it turned out, we are still in touch and will be lifelong friends.

Beaumont Manor Dream A Little Dream Of Me

CH Beaumanor Dream A Little Dream Of Me

We bought this farm in 1991, just prior to completing our residencies. Growing up in a family of Morgan Horse lovers, it was always my passion to pursue the breeding and development of quality Morgans. I grew up showing and I simply love the babies. We have enjoyed great success with our own Cherrydale Manor horses, which began with a nucleus of mares bred by my family, the Molaskeys, under the Walnut Ridge Acres prefix of WRA. Many of our current World Champions feature these horses in their pedigrees.

Neil was originally from the Philadelphia area, but enjoyed being on a farm. He would spend summers in Jamestown, Pennsylvania on the Herrick family farm just north of Greenville, which is how he happened to attend Thiel (in Greenville), our alma mater. He didn’t share my competitive spirit, he would always say “when you win, someone else has to lose”—that was just his kind nature. He loved all animals and had a particular fondness for our Corgis, which we breed and show under the Beaumanor kennel banner.

Beaumont Manor You Make My Dreams Come True

CH Beaumanor You Make My Dreams Come True

He enjoyed supporting me in my endeavors with showing horses and dogs and would frequently drive our coach to a show sight and fly home to work, just to fly back and drive me home. When he was able to stay at the shows, he loved taking pictures with Bob Klein. He knew no strangers. Neil Herrick was the kindest, most supportive husband a girl could ask for. He never questioned my goals but always supported my dreams.

Although Neil left this earth far too soon in October of 2014, the kindness and energy he left behind continue to guide me and support me in my life.

—Robin Molaskey Herrick