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Located in New Wilmington, in the center of the picturesque Amish countryside of the western Pennsylvania, Cherrydale Manor is conveniently located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Cherrydale Manor has been planning, breeding, nurturing, raising and exhibiting national calibre Morgan Horses for over 40 years. Walnut Ridge Acres (featuring the WRA prefix) started in 1973 with Robin Molaskey Herrick’s parents, then continued after Robin married Neil Herrick in 1988, the two developed their Morgan breeding program as Cherrydale Manor, which was solidified with the purchase of their current location in 1991.

Cherrydale prefixed Morgan Horses have enjoyed success in multiple divisions across the country, garnering champions for their owners from coast to coast. If you’re in love with this historical breed and are interested in beauty, quality and ability, please consider a Cherrydale Morgan! Horses available for purchase will be noted on their individual pages…

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